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The future of office fitouts at no extra cost

Our modular office design products offer solutions for today and an asset for life. Available Australia wide, from our bases in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Office Fitouts can help to get your new office configuration up and running in no time at all.

Despite being modular by design and movable by purpose, our office fit out solutions are of the highest quality and have the permanent, professional look you desire.

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What do our office fitouts cost?

The cost of our Office Fitouts system might come as a bit of a shock. Our high quality, modular office fitouts sit at the same price point as traditional office fit outs. How? Our modular office partitions are built off site, transported to your site, and installed. We save you on additional labour charges, time spent to source materials, time to travel to site daily and all those other seemingly small costs that keep piling up when you hire a traditional office fit out crew.

So, you get a great look, high quality, an asset you own and all for the same cost as the other office fit out options. Call our team today 1300 to learn more about the cost comparisons.

What’s the installation time frame?

Faster than you think. Because our office fitouts do not require any building onsite, they can be installed without the need for time to assemble materials and clean up afterwards. Within no time at all your office is modern, professional and ready to be operational.

Many of our client’s office fitouts are completed within a matter of days. Limited downtime if you are installing our office design into your current space, a faster move in date if you are installing our office fit out for your new premises. Contact us today on 1300 to find out more about the time frame that can be expected for your new office fit out with Office Fitouts.

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What’s the first step to your new office fit out?

Contact Office Fitouts on 1300 to arrange your free, no obligation, on-site assessment and quote. We’ll show you what is possible to suit your needs today and into the future.
Together we’ll work through:

  • How your office needs to operate
  • How many team members you need to accommodate
  • Your technological requirements – data, electrical, lighting, phones
  • The style and finish you want
  • Whether you prefer solid office partitions or glass
  • Your dimensions, finishes and shapes
  • Your office design…and more

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When we experienced the proven process and the care and commitment Peter and his team have towards client satisfaction, our worries disappeared

Why Office Fitouts is your best option

Office Fitouts gives you an innovative, high quality, modular office partitions for the same price as your traditional office fit out. Not only will your office fitout look professional and modern, but it will also take considerably less time to get up and running. Office Fitouts gives you stunning modular office partitions that can be moved or relocated with minimal fuss and stress.

At Office Fitouts, we’re committed to delivering truly excellent outcomes for our clients. To do this, we focus on ensuring we deliver best practice levels of service to ensure complete client satisfaction. Our team of design engineers and skilled technicians are committed to the highest quality products and service for our clients. On time, on budget, on spec; every time. Call 1300 today to learn more.

No Mess – No Fuss

Generally when you need an office fitout, it’s a messy, stressful and time consuming construction project that could drag on for months. It can impede productivity, team morale and cause a hit to your bottom line.

Then, if you need a wall moved, it’s expensive, noisy, disruptive and very messy requiring a range of tradespeople to complete the task. If at some point you need to move to another location you just leave your office fitout where it is because it’s just plasterboard and paint and it can even cost you to return the space to its original state.

With our modular office fitout system you can pack it up and move it around the office or to another location with minimal disruption. You can change the configuration, add walls and even change the purpose of some areas of your office quickly and easily. Call our team today on 1300 to find out more.

The future of office fitouts at no extra cost

Office Fitouts’ modular office fit out systems cost the same as traditional office fitouts. Our design engineers and skilled technicians can assist with your office, commercial, retail and industrial fitouts. We can tailor our solutions to suit your needs today and into the future.

Our modular office partitions will grow with your business. As an owner of an office premises, Office Fitouts products will ensure your property remains usable, up-to-date and free of fixtures and walls that will make it less attractive to tenants. The adaptability of the Office Fitouts modular system will make your investment all the more hassle free and desirable to great, long term tenants.
Contact us today on 1300 to request more information or a free quote.

An asset for life

Typically, when you move office premises the current office fitout becomes a nightmare. Do you need to pay costs to have the premises returned to its previous state? Any money spent on creating internal walls, partitions and built-ins has just disappeared down the drain. But what if there was a better way? What if you could take your office fit out with you to the next premises? With Office Fitouts, you can. Our products remain your asset for life. If you need to move, it moves with you and can easily be reconfigured to suit your new space.

No tradesmen required to get your new premises ready over weeks and weeks of stress and dust and invoices. With Office Fitouts there’s no messy plasterboard and paint to worry about – before you move it or when you move out. You can just pack up your Office Fitouts system, move it around the office as your needs change or move it to another location entirely; all with minimal disruption to business and productivity.
Call our experienced team today to learn more on 1300 .

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Your office design, your way

The beauty of the Office Fitouts concept is that you can design your office exactly the way it works best for you. A large board room, a few smaller conference rooms, individual offices, a large area for numerous team members…the choice is yours. And if your needs change you can easily reconfigure your modular office system without the mess and the fuss of tradespeople, loss of productivity and huge costs.

Partners in your project success

Getting the quality and difference you desire underpins our approach. That’s why we introduced the Office Fitouts Approach’. We carefully scope your unique project out from day one and develop a tailored approach based on your needs to deliver a result you can be proud of. We partner closely with our clients and this partnership is why our customers are always satisfied!

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