Our approach to your residential or commercial construction project
The Officina Construction Approach has been designed to ensure a truly seamless project experience for our clients.

Over the years, we’ve refined this approach to ensure that the way we deliver your project is collaborative, consistent and cohesive. We understand how complicated the construction process may be for you; no matter what type of project you’ve engaged us to deliver.

We are focused on ensuring a high level of transparency during our service relationship. Being transparent means setting expectations early and ensuring there is as much visibility as possible. Our team want to deliver your project on time, on budget and in line with your expectations – our construction approach ensures this and is scalable to commercial and residential construction projects.

Let’s meet

An experienced Officina team member will come and meet with you to discuss your project goals and objectives. After an in-depth consulting process, Officina will discuss a range of options for your project which are aligned with your unique project needs. All of our services are uniquely tailored to your requirements so this initial ‘meet and greet’ lays the foundations for the upcoming relationship.

A project scope that suits your needs

Ensuring your project goals are not just met but exceeded is built into our service delivery process. Officina will develop a unique design based on the discussions in the initial discovery session. We are highly competitive in our concept design fee process and will only quote a fee based on what has been discussed. Too many builders charge a fixed uniform fee; at Officina, no two clients are the same and our fee will be developed in collaboration with you, our clients. This fee is credited to the cost of your project should you decide to proceed onto the actual works with us.

Contract signing

Once you are satisfied with the design concept and all key details signed off, Officina will present you with a fixed price estimate and QMBA verified contract.  Our processes and procedures have been signed off by the relevant authorities giving you security and peace of mind. We can then get to work on your project. Depending on the nature of the job, we can provide pure construction services or run the entire project for you.


At Officina, we pride ourselves on producing only the highest quality work. This is through our commitment to hiring the right people with the right industry experience. Our construction process has been fine-tuned from years of experience working on a diverse range of client projects. Our workmanship and professionalism is recognised in the industry and our client case studies are testament to this.

Our team are all full-time employees of Officina which ensures you will have a consistent and dedicated project team right from inception through to the construction stages.

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