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Five Common Interior Fit Out Mistakes

Posted by:Office Fitouts onNovember 6, 2016

When deciding on a new office fit out, a lot of people and businesses make some simple mistakes that can easily be avoided. When designing and building a new interior fit out, take some time to consider the following points to ensure you don’t make any mistakes.

Not planning a budget

It’s so easy to choose a lot of features and elements that you’ll fall in love with, however it’s not within your budget. It’s an even worse scenario when you don’t even know what your budget is. By understanding what your budget is, you will know what features you can and cannot afford in your interior fit out.

Not looking into the lease

Not all lease agreements are the same. Some landlords will have certain requirements when you are leasing their offices. Be sure to check with your landlord and the lease agreement to understand what is allowed and what will not be permitted with your lease agreement.

Not including enough power points

One of the worst issues one can face in business is not having enough power points or data connections available for your staff. It is always better to have more power points than what you think is needed than not having enough. Ensure you have enough power and ethernet connections available so that staff can sufficiently complete their tasks.

Thinking all office builders are the same

Not all office contractors are the same. Some will have a lot of experience in larger projects, others may be more qualified to deal in smaller office design. Some will also specialise in office fit outs and partitions, others may not even have the knowledge of an office environment, but instead are more able to help residential projects. Ask the office builder of choice for examples of their previous work experience to get a feel for what they’re capable of.

Trying to manage on your own

Without a doubt, organising, designing and building a whole new office fit out is not an easy task. Believing you can achieve everything on your own may be a harder task than you think. Although you may save some money by buying your own office fit out and installing it yourself, you may soon find that this is a bigger headache than you want to endure. Hiring outside help is surely the easiest option.

Whether you just want to renovate your current setup or you’re moving into whole new premises and need a complete interior fit out, you can make the whole experience a lot easier by not making the mistakes listed above. If you’re struggling with your new interior fit out for your business, contact the experts at Office Fitouts by calling us on 1300 859 154 or visit

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