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Office Design Trends You Need to Ignore

Posted by:Office Fitouts onDecember 12, 2016

Just like any kind of trend – Fashion, home interiors, etc – Trends of the past are always looked upon 30 years on with a slight shake of the head and the thought of “what were we all thinking?” Office design is no different. When we look at some of the latest office design trends, they may seem “cool” and “hip” now, with the offer that they’re going to help boost team happiness, but will these trends stand the test of time? Usually, no. Not if other interior design trends are to go by.

There are some office design trends you should take with a grain of salt and some you should definitely ignore altogether.

Reclaimed Wood

We’re not saying that reclaimed wood is a horrible material, by no means. Reclaimed wood looks amazing, is eco-friendly and can last for years. However, this trend is showing up in places where it shouldn’t be. Depending on your brand and what look you’re trying to achieve, reclaimed wood may not be the best option. If it doesn’t make sense for your particular brand and the long-term use of your space, it’s best to be avoided.

Too Much Fun

Can you have too much fun? Truth is, you can, especially in a workplace environment. So many workplaces have started to incorporate more “fun” into the workplace by adding in slides, climbing walls, ball pits and poles to slide down to get through to other lower levels. While it’s nice to add a sense of fun and adventure into the workplace, a little too much can come across as gimmicky. Depending on your business and what you want your brand to achieve, the fun factor may need to be kept low-key.

A Casual Office Space

There is a fine line between having an office space that allows the team to relax and recuperate and a setting that comes across as a “college campus”. While adding a relaxed space for staff members to get a new environment to work and meet in, it’s important to ensure that you’re not making things too relaxed. At the end of the day, the office is still a place to work. While it’s a good idea to provide a space for staff members to feel relaxed, it shouldn’t make your staff feel like they’ve stepped back in time to their University campus days.

Standing and Walking Desks

There’s no denying that sitting all day is bad for you. Treadmill and standing desks being introduced into the office seemed like a good idea at the time, but the fact is, employees rarely used these once implemented into the office. The reason they were added was to add more health benefits to staff to help people get on their feet more during the day. Truth is, they have found that staff either didn’t use the equipment or they are more inclined to be more sedentary when they get home in the evenings.

Copying Other Businesses

Just because another business has a potential look and feel, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for yours. Make sure that you are working on the look of your office that suits your brand and business. By copying other businesses, you will likely be unhappy with your office design pretty soon. The best thing to do is to look at your own brand, your needs and what will work best for you. Copying other businesses will never work in the long run.

While there are plenty of trends that can stand the test of time, there are certain trends that should be avoided. While these trends can work for certain businesses, the best option is to choose an office design that works best for you.

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