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Officina offer customers access to exceptional Italian quality modular office fitout components. These office fitout components are strictly available through Officina as we design and manufacture all our products in Pescara Italy. Where other fitouts become permanent fixtures of the building, Officina components can simply be pulled down, packed up and transported to new locations! This means that all existing components that have been purchased can be re-used minimizing costs and becoming an asset.

Innovative commercial project delivery

Officina is a leading provider of innovative and quality focused commercial fitout projects. Our team of experienced construction professionals boast over fifty years of combined construction and modular systems experience. With a commitment to delivering a highly collaborative and transparent service, underpinned by our construction approach, Officina can deliver your project seamlessly; on time and on budget… without sacrificing quality.

Our services  

Our range of commercial construction services includes:

  • Office fitout design and construction
  • Services to help with preliminaries such as council approvals etc. are available


Just a small list of the advantages to using officina office systems:

  • Floor and ceiling can be complete before the walls go up
  • Rough in before
  • Ability to adjust services in wall after construction is finished with removable panels
  • System is reusable (Material is an asset)
  • Make good is easy and clean
  • All sorts of finishes – timber look etc (full Lacquered finish possible (high mirror gloss)
  • Double glazing windows with venesian blinds in the middle
  • All made in Italy (quality product)
  • Fitout is clean and quick (Full office possible complete in one week)
  • Minimize trades (no plasterers, painters, chippies, glaziers)
  • Panels can run vertically or horizontally
  • Dealing with the owner of the partition business
  • Need to break the market
  • All mechanically cut and fitted in the factory ready for install with precision accuracy
  • Utilize space with using your cupboards as a wall / internal partition
  • Not just partitions but desks, chairs, glazing, etc.
  • Integrates wall cupboards as walls to save space

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