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The Benefits of Using Glass Office Partition Walls

Posted by:Office Fitouts onNovember 22, 2016

With so many different types and styles of office partition walls on the market, it can be hard to decide which will be the best for your office and business. One such material used for many office fit outs at the moment are glass office partition walls. There are a few factors to consider to help you make a decision, but there are a few simple benefits to choosing glass office partition walls for your new office fitout. Such factors include whether it will suit your current decor and the space of the office.


If you’re looking for a durable material, choose glass. Glass office partition walls are quite versatile and can withstand wear and tear of everyday office usage. Glass partition walls are generally quite thick and can withstand a bit more than other materials can.


One aspect of an office fit out is lack of lighting. Lighting can be a big problem in an office environment if it isn’t sufficient. It can lead to a lack of productivity, lowered concentration levels and comfortability for staff. Glass will help to separate working areas and provide privacy, but not hinder any light from entering the workplace.


There is no denying that glass walls look amazing. They look very modern and can make the office look fresh, clear and sleek. Glass has a contemporary look that goes with many different types of offices and their styles. Glass doesn’t have to be plain, either. There are plenty of different glass options including frosting and etching. This is particularly useful for when you want to add your brand to the glass.


Glass doesn’t mean your staff won’t have any privacy. Because of frosted glass options, you can have some or all of your office partition walls in frosted options to help staff to still have privacy if need be. This is good for conference rooms, meeting rooms or even single offices for staff to make private calls in or to focus on their work.

Easy to maintain

You may think that glass is hard to maintain, but it’s actually very easy to keep looking clean. It’s usually as simple as wiping them down with a glass cleaner spray, which could eliminate the need for external commercial cleaners if this is your only purpose for hiring a cleaner. At times, wiping the glass down with a microfibre cloth is all that is required.

No matter what material of office partition walls you choose, there is sure to be a style that will suit your office and business easily. Glass is a contemporary and modern choice that can completely change the look and feel of the office, and help to increase productivity levels for your staff. If you’re looking for glass office partition walls for your new or current office fit out, contact the experts at Office Fitouts on 1300 859 154 or visit

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