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The end of open plan offices? How office design is changing.

Posted by:Admin onSeptember 18, 2016

In recent years, we have seen the increase of open plan office spaces, taking away walls and the encouragement of collaborative workplaces. However, it appears that this option is starting to become less prevalent amongst offices.


With the removal of office partitions and walls, many workers have had to opt to wearing headphones at work just to be able to concentrate on their tasks and not have to endure listening to their co-workers talk about last night’s reality TV show happenings. While some people have enjoyed the collaborative feel of an open plan office design, a lot of people have found it to be a disturbing way to get through the work day.

As employees are beginning to enjoy having private time away from the chaos of other works, the use of partitions are starting to increase yet again. But, partitions and office fitouts have come a long way since their humble beginnings. No longer do they need to be a drab addition to your office design. With various colours, styles and materials, office partitions are now a great looking feature to reduce noise pollution and increase privacy in the workplace.

Whether you’re building a new office design from scratch, or looking to rejuvenate your current office fitout, the experts at Office Fitouts have you covered. With a lot of knowledge and experience under their belt, they are sure to be able to help you with your office design and build from the ground up.

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