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Top Design Tips for your Office Interior Fitout to Boost Productivity

Posted by:Office Fitouts onDecember 5, 2016

The place you go to work each day plays a huge part on the levels of productivity you will have each and every day. People often forget that the work environment has got to be somewhere comfortable for staff, because in all honesty, the office is like a second home to many people. Spending close to eight hours a day (if not more) in the office calls for a place that has consistent design features and elements to help staff be more productive. Here are some of our top design tips to help improve productivity in your office interior fitout.

Be aware of Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference to your staff and how they work efficiently. If lighting levels are too low, they can make staff feel lethargic and can make it difficult to see their work, computers or other items. This can lead to eyestrain, fatigue, headaches and in fact, dark spaces can even induce depression. Letting in large amounts of natural light is the best solution here. By ensuring windows aren’t covered (completely or partially) and even installing more windows or better lighting systems.

The Right Furniture

If you’re sitting at a desk and chair for an extended period of time, but found you needed to walk around, stretch or adjust just to stay focused, you’ll know the importance of having the right furniture for your interior fitout. Because many of us are required to sit at a desk for an extended period of time, having the best chair and desk furniture for staff is highly important. Ergonomic furniture is highly important in the workplace to ensure staff stay productive, happy and uninjured.

Clear Clutter

Clutter not only looks horrible in the workplace, but it can also hinder productivity. A clear desk means a clear mind, so ensure staff have appropriate means of clearing any clutter from their desks such as rubbish facilities and room to store items away and out of sight. Not only can this help with focus and productivity, but the whole office will look so much better.

Room Temperature

One of the main complaints made by staff in office buildings is the temperature. Whether the temperature is too cold or too hot, having the room at non-optimal temperatures makes things very uncomfortable for staff to be able to concentrate on their work. To avoid staff feeling like they need to bring their own jumpers, blankets and heaters to work, ensure that the office is set to the right temperatures. A good temperature is approximately 20 degrees celsius, but this could even be too cold. Use this as a starting point and ask staff for feedback.

Scents in the Room

Some smells can be overpowering in the office. It’s important to keep the office smelling fresh and avoid any stale smells, especially if the office kitchen is nearby. Having said that, you don’t want to introduce air fresheners that are too overpowering as some people may have allergies or sensitive noses that will cause issues for them. Some scents though can help to boost focus:

Cinnamon – Improves focus

Lavender – Helps with relaxation

Peppermint – Lifts mood

Pine – Improves alertness

Citrus – Wakes you and lifts your spirits

Provide Different Spaces

By providing different work spaces to your staff, it allows them to be able to work in different areas, with different qualities which literally shifts your brain’s focus and can help people to remain focused. Usually, you would provide a personal desk to staff, but then providing break out rooms, conference rooms and even casual meeting rooms and lounge areas can help immensely. Ensure staff members are aware of the other rooms that are able to be used and when they are available.

The office interior fitout is an important aspect of creative the perfect workspace for your staff to be able to work efficiently and productively. If an office is too distracting, you will likely see staff happiness levels decrease and productivity isn’t as it should be. By working on the office design and other elements of the workplace, you’ll be able to ensure that the workplace is a comfortable place for everyone to be.

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